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February & March 2017

The rain may have dampened our walks but some intrepid souls were out anyway. Good for you. Our Eastvale walk was a little moist but everyone enjoyed the walk. The tacos at the American Legion were a hit. You have the same opportunity on February 11 with our walk in Norco. Enjoy walking in Horsetown U.S.A. and stop in for tacos afterwards.

On March 11th, we’re having a walk in Riverside, UCR and More. It will have an option of the Botanical Gardens, always beautiful.

Our next meeting is on Feb.9th at Marie Callender’s at 5:30 PM. Come and join us. Bring your ideas for walks and any concerns you may have. We want your input.




Events                                                                     Distance

Teri Komatsu       75 & 100 Events                                                                                    Jean Vik      30,000 KM

Jean Vik                  2900 Events