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Sue's News - AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2019

Let’s go to the beach in this hot weather.  You’ll notice that our group walks are mostly in the coastal areas.  Our 7th Annual Walk, Meet & Eat is on August 10th.  Our Pacific Regional Director, Carl Cordes will join us. We look forward to having everyone join us in the park.  Please RSVP to Sue at if you can make it.

This is a transition time for our club.  We are taking on some of the online registrations.  We are looking for physical places to place our registration boxes.  We have until August 31 to accomplish this so we will be very busy.

We are also changing our leadership team.  It is still a work in progress.  We’ll keep you informed as we proceed.

We have an event planned for Oct. 5th.  It’s Friends and Olives starting at the Graber Olive Factory in Ontario.

I hope to see you all at the picnic on August 10th.