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Sue's News - October / November 2017

Finally, Fall is here.  Maybe the weather will be cooler for walking.  We had a wonderful picnic in Huntington Beach.  It’s always fun to get together to walk and eat.  The San Pedro walk was outstanding.  We have some exciting walks coming up.  On Oct. 28th we have Costa Mesa (see Group Walks) and in Nov. we have Temecula with new trails on the 18th.   On the 24th we will be offering an OPT OUT walk at the Santa Rosa Ecological Preserve.  We can enjoy the outdoors instead of shopping and save money.  To end the year, we’ll have our Walk around the Mission Inn on Dec. 14th.  Mark your calendars. I’m ordering the 2018 Starting Points on Oct. 10th.  Let me know if you want to reserve one. Our next meeting is on Oct.12 at Marie Callenders in Corona at 5:00 pm.  We’ll eat first and then conduct the meeting.  Come and join us.

Keep on Walking,