Get out and walk, and watch something wonderful happen!

Low Desert Roadrunners - Southern California Walking ClubAffiliated with The California Volkssport Association, The Low Desert Roadrunners (LDR) is a Southern California walking club & Volkssporting group that offers ongoing opportunities to walk with like-minded individuals who enjoy exploring the great outdoors and walking for it’s health, mental, and social benefits.  We received our charter from the American Volkssport Association (AVA) in 1983. Most of our members live in or around Corona, Riverside County, CA.  Activities are selected to provide for fitness, fun, and fellowship. This is accomplished by both regular walking events and year-round walking and bike ride events.

Regular events are only available during the year during a one or two day period. They usually start in the morning between 8:00 a.m. to noon on a given weekend and finish by 3:00 p.m. on the same day. To learn more about these walks visit the Scheduled Events page. You can then select the walk you are interested in with all the details.

Year-round events (YRE) are generally open daily throughout the year and have no set start/finish time. A seasonal event (due to weather conditions) is like a year-round event but is open less than a full calendar year. To learn more about these events visit the Year Round Walks page. You can then select the specific walk for all the details.

There is also an AVA book available for purchase, Starting Point, which contains information on over 1,400 year-round events throughout the United States.

Our club has scheduled monthly walks for anyone who is interested in walking for fun and fellowship. More information related to these walks is found under Weekly Walks.

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